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Trouble with Trumples Talking Toy

Trouble with Trumples Talking Toy

Introducing the Trumple: The insult-slinging sentient hairpiece. Thought to have fallen to Earth in a blue ice crystal, then managed to crawl its way to ultimate power. Now the invasion is set to claim every household!

The Trumple is a mix between a Trump and a Tribble. It’s a slimy bug covered in a luscious mane of style-able hair that, when petted, talks back to you. Ask it anything and be amazed at how little it cares about you or your question. Launching with 30 sayings that were actually said aloud, you’ll hear such gems as:

“Nasty woman!”
“Bing, bing, bong!”
“Bad hombres!”
“Fat, ugly face…”
“Grab ’em by the [email protected]#$y!”

The toy Trumple is made of PLA plastic and covered in faux fur. Pressing on the Trumple activates the sound card inside playing one of the generated expressions. Equipped with a lithium ion battery, it is rechargeable via a micro USB port located on the side. This product was unsuccessfully funded on Kickstarter, but a lot like the Commander in Cheeto, we are still plowing ahead like everyone wants it. Get yours today!